murzynekThe company "MAKO" was founded by Christine and Marian Koperski in 1978. As a result of constant development of the company products range expanded and a small company has evolved into a leading confectionery industry.

We achieved our market position through the quality of our products, experienced and specialized employees and appropriate trade policy. In order to further improve the flavour and diversity of our products, in 2001 a new production line was launched. It was fully adapted to the requirements of the European Union.

Another important step in our history is the year 2007, when the company was transformed from Cukiernictwo-Handel "MAKO" Marian Koperski into Mako Ltd (Mako sp. z o.o.)

From the beginning, our primary goal is to produce the sweetness of the highest quality. As a result of our work we have been certified Quality Management System for the BRC Global Food Safety, which guarantee the proper organization of production, high technology, high mobility to customers, timely delivery of orders and the most important - high quality products.
The object of our company is the manufacture of confectionery. Our specialty are "Murzynki" - warm ice creams varied in terms of size, shape and taste. We also produce stuffed wafer rolls, meringue cake discs, meringues, corn balls – in toffee icing and cream puffs.